Why Anal Sex Can Be The Best

While you might want to experience sex in different positions – and we admit the Kamasutra is the best book when it comes to describing the sex positions – there is nothing like anal sex. It is one of the most enjoyable feelings and while you might be apprehensive about trying it out, you would definitely be missing out on something if you do not try it.

So, what is it that makes people think twice before going in for anal sex?

For one, people think that heterosexuals do not have anal sex. This is one of the biggest misconceptions out there. Nearly every person has attempted anal sex at one point of time or the other, and it is pretty natural to do so.

The other thing is that many people feel that anal sex will hurt. Well, it will, if you do not know how to do it right. Most often, anal sex is done incorrectly, and when it is done correctly, women find it extremely pleasurable. Some women even state that they have experienced better orgasms with anal sex. It is a good idea to not go all out and instead try using a lube or a sex toy first. You need to work your way around to the lady as a guy, and using your fingers first could help.

Many even feel that since anal sex had hurt one time, it would hurt always. Instead, it is a good idea to not shut down to that experience. As a guy, you could stimulate the clitoris of the woman to help encourage pleasure over pain response initially.

Anal sex does not cause you any physical damage, and if you are sure you are not going the wrong way with it, you have nothing to worry about. This isn’t just about anal sex, if you are dry and don’t use lube, you’re bound to hurt yourself. Also, there is no worry about being pregnant when you are indulging in anal sex, so there is nothing to worry about there as well. Most people who have experienced anal sex, want it time and time again.

In fact, anal sex can save your sex life. It will give a new dimension to sex and help make it more pleasurable and nice. You will have a new fun element in your life, and a new curiosity you would love to explore. And no, as a woman you would neither be a slut nor would your man love you less if you indulge in anal sex. So, why not go out there and enjoy yourself?

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