I broke up with my abusive husband and find happiness as a Bromley Escort.


I thought that our relationship would end in the marriage. I thought that my boyfriend could be my future husband. But sometimes, there are things in life that are uncontrollable. We never knew that our dreams sometimes do not come true. They say that its a way of God to keep you away from the entire damage of life. You have to accept things like what God has set for you or forcing it can be a disaster. It took me many years to let go, my boyfriend, when in fact I got all the reasons. I have held on to him because we are in a long relationship, and believe that he will change if I could be patient with him. But I don’t want to add more damage to my life or made him criminal for allowing him to hurt me regularly.


Jason is the man who saves me from my family. I came from a broken family and every day of my life with them is miserable. I want to get away from them, but I do not know how. My parents separated when I was six years old and left with mom. The last time I heard of my father is he already had a new family, and marry a wealthy woman. I hated him for leaving us and hated my mom for marrying again. Yes, we stayed with her, but continually maltreated by her husband. My mother only pays attention to her new children, and it made me sad because it was like I am out of place. Every time I asked for food, they got angry and gave me the leftovers of my half-sisters. They bought new clothes, shoes, another stuff for them, while I don’t. My mother is so unfair, and every time I want to sleep with her she doesn’t like. I heard them laughing and watching movies, while I was in the basement. They don’t send me to school somewhat help them in their business. I feel betrayed, and Jason was the only man I assume to help me.


I met Jason as our regular customer that later on become my boyfriend. He always promises me to give me a new life and better. He told me if I will go with him I do not have to suffer anymore. I believe in him and escape from my family. We get married and have kids. He is a jealous person, every time I talk to someone, he would beat me and accuse that I am a whore.


He became abusive that I leave him. I find work and become a Bromley escort of https://charlotteaction.org/bromley-escorts. It helps me to begin a new life and raise my kids. Finally, I broke up with my abusive husband and find happiness as a Bromley Escort

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