My beloved North London escort is leaving me because I’ve become an alcoholic.

I admit that it is my fault that everything that I have worked for in my life is wasted. Now that my North London escort is truly leaving me I do not know where else to go. She told me that she was done with me already. I have proven to her so many times that I am not a responsible person. That is why it hurts me so bad to see that she is leaving me. But I understand what she is saying; lately I have not been myself. I have been addicted to alcohol and have wasted away my one true chance at love. The person that loves me the most is this North London escort from That’s why it’s really important for me to work hard for my future all of the time but now it’s too late unfortunately. She told me that she will be leaving me and will never come back. It’s really sad to accept the fact that my one true love is leaving me and I could not do anything about it anymore. This woman gave everything that I wanted in life, but I just failed to recognize the sacrifices that she had made. Now she is leaving me and does not know when she is coming back. I do not blame anyone at all. I took it as a sign that I should really change as a person. This North London escort is everything to me and now she is leaving me. It’s sad to realise that my one true love is never coming back to me at all. I want to fix my relationship with her but I already fear it’s too late. I hate myself for doing hurtful things to my beloved North London escort. I should have been more trustworthy and encouraging to her. But now she is gone and I do not know what to do with my life. I know that she might not ever like the sight of my face ever again. But now that everything is gone, it’s time for me to start over. There is so much more I want to do when I was with my beloved North London escort. But now everything has changed. I have no motivation in life anymore, especially now that she is gone. All that is left for me to do is trying really hard to make my relationship work. It is the only way for me to be able to see whether or not I am going to succeed in life. I really want to make sure that my relationship with this North London escort would work. That is why I am always working as hard as I can to ensure that there will be no body that would interfere in my love for her. But it’s too late now. I should just let her go and move on. It’s the best for the both of us.

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